The 500th Bomb Group, a unit of the 73rd Bomb Wing, flying B-29 Aircraft, flew 79 major combat missions over Japan during World War II, over 100 single-airplane weather strike missions, prisoner of war rescue missions, and other missions, as part of the 20th Air Force's strategic bombing campaign against Japan. This website honors and preserves the record of the 500th.

There are also some records from the 3rd Photo Recon and the 18th Photo Lab Squadrons. These units were attached to the 500th.

B-29 Veterans at the B-29 Wings of the Marianas Reunion, Wichita 2017.jpg
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Saipan Special Section

1.After 70 years 2.Crew Files 3.Leaflets
4.Reports 5. Shot down by Russians 6. Misc Photos
7. Hiroshima 1 8. Hiroshima 2 9. Hiroshima 3 - Tibbets Story

James E. Bowman
Son of S/Sgt James E. Bowman
Tail Gunner, 882nd
Kenneth F. Fine
Son of Lt. Kenneth F Fine
Navigator, 882nd
Edwin D. Lawson
T/Sgt, CFC Gunner
Richard F. Sheil
Capt., Pilot, 94th Bomb Group
8th Air Force
Donald R., Thurow,
Sgt., Intelligence