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Captain Burwell’s Scrapbook Part 1 (Index) and Part 2 (Photos)

Let us assume that you want to locate the photo of an individual. The GALLERY is where the photos are. The photos are in five basic divisions: BRASS, 881st, 882nd, 883rd, and SCENIC.These divisions are also divided further. The Group is composed of a Command Section, Specialty Support Section, and Other.

The Command Section shows photos of the officers who led the activities of the group, the commander, deputies, and those who were responsible for leadership of various tasks, such as Intelligence. There is also a classification of Other, for activities such as recreation.

The Squadron sections have categories of: Command, Air Crews, Ground Crews, Specialty Support, and Other. The Command Section is similar to that of Group (above) but refers to Squadron officers. FLIGHT CREWS are assembled by squadron and within the squadron by the name of the Aircraft Commander in alphabetical order. If the man you are looking for was an Aircraft Commander, you can just search that squadron looking for that man in alpha order. If the person was not an Aircraft Commander, the job is a little different. You will have to find the name of the Aircraft Commander for that man. What you have to do:

1. Go to the Master A-Z file and search for the man you are seeking. Assume that you are looking for Carroll Haygood. You will find:

2. Haygood, Carroll M., S/Sgt., 18046017. 882nd. Apl Elect Mech/Gunr, 1685, Lft Gunr. Aer Flt, Ord 30-3(882nd); Movemnt Orders, OO 30 (ATC); AM, GO 53-V (XXI BC); AM (OLC), GO 73-I (XXI BC);AM (OLC), GO 98-I (XXI BC); DFC, GO 121-XII (XXI BC) AM, (OLC) GO 130-I (XXI BC); BS, GO25-VI (500th); AM (OLC), GO 25-VI (20th AF); BS, GO 33-II (500th). Z Square 33, Slick Dick, LaMarche; Z Square 33, Slick Dick, Hanft; Z Square 23, Ramblin Roscoe II, Hanft. Photo, 882nd, Air Crews, LaMarche; Photo, 882nd, Air Crews, Hanft; Photo, 882nd, Other, Intelligence Section Construction.Add, ‘46: 416 E 17th St., Cheyenne, WY.

3. You can see that he was in the 882nd Squadron on the crew of Z Square 33, Slick Dick with LaMarche as Aircraft Commander. LaMarche was succeeded by Hanft. You can also see that he is in two photos, one with LaMarche as AC; one with Hanft. In addition, you can see that he worked as a volunteer in the construction of the 882nd Intelligence Building.

4. Now, you can go back to the GALLERY and look at the photos of the 882nd Air Crews. There are more than 40 for the 882nd. With a bit of searching, you can locate LaMarche and his crew and Hanft and his crew. They are in alphabetical order.

GROUND CREWS. These are the men who were assigned to look after individual aircraft. The crews are listed by the aircraft they were assigned to by each squadron.

Let us assume that you are looking for a photo of Joseph (Joe) Torre. As with Flight Crew, go first to the Master A-Z file and look for an entry for him. There you find:

Torre, Joseph W., Sgt., 15354244. 882nd. Apl Elect Spec, 685. Tech, GO 24-3 (500th); BS, GO 25-I (500th); BS, GO 33-I (500th); BS, GO 43. Ground Crew, Z Square 31; Ground Crew, Z Square 36. Photo, 882nd, Ground Crews, Z Square 36. Add. ‘46: 617 Third St., Fairport Harbor, OH. Add.’09: 10397 Johnnycake Ridge Rd., Painesville, OH, 44077-2051.

This shows he was on the Ground Crews of Z Square 31 and Z Square 36. We check the GALLERY for Z Square 31 but there is no photo. So, we go to Z Square 36. The aircraft are listed in their numerical order.

Probably, all members of the Group are not shown. The photo collection is incomplete and several of the photos available do not have complete captions. We hope more photos and information will come in.

Note: It also happened that on some days when the photos were taken, the crew member may have not been present for one reason or another. It is also true that all men who held a title such as Crew Chief or Pilot were not necessarily assigned to a particular crew. Men were given an MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) but may not have been assigned to a particular Flight Crew or Ground Crew.

SPECIALTY SUPPORT GROUPS. Besides the Ground Crews for each aircraft, there were a great many other men who worked on various parts and function of the aircraft. These support teams were on the Group and Squadron level. For an example, we can look at:

Barnhart, Clyde L., S/Sgt. 33497251. 883rd. Apl Prop Spec, 687. Tech, GO 24-4 (500th); BS, GO 25-I (500th); BS, GO 33-I (500th); BS, GO 43-I (500th). Photo, Group, Specialty Support, Propeller Maintenance Section. Add. ‘46: 819 Spruce St., Elizabethtown, PA. Add. ’11: 231 E Cherry St., Elizabethtown, PA, 17022-2704. (Yancey)

We can see that he was Propeller Specialist with a Group Section. His entry also shows that he was in a photo. To locate the photo, go to Group, Specialty Support, and Propeller Maintenance.