Photos: From many sources.
Captioning and preparation: Dr. Richard F. Sheil, veteran pilot, 94th Bomb Group, 8th Air Force;
Member, 73rd Bomb Wing Association for his contribution to the website of the 500th Bomb Group Memorial Association.

882nd Air Crews

Armstrong Crew

Arbon Crew

Alderman Crew

Bruns Crew

Burnham Crew

Coffman Crew

Collins Crew

Cordray Crew

Cordray Crew

Farrell Crew

Foster Crew

Gerrity Crew

Gerwick Crew

Gerwick Crew

Gray Crew

Grise Crew

Haas Crew

Hanft Crew

Hays Crew

Hodge Crew

Holdridge Crew

Hughes Crew

Hurlbutt Crew

Jackson, D. Crew

Jenkinson Crew

LaMarche Crew

Limpp Crew

McClure Crew

Parsons Crew

Pierce Crew

Queen Crew

Reeves Crew

Robertson Crew

Robertson Crew

Rothrock Crew

Sasser Crew

Savage Crew

Savage Crew

Sawyer Crew

Schmitz Crew

Sealy Crew

Shorey Crew

Tackett Crew

Van Tright Crew

Welsh Crew

Ware Crew

Wood Crew