Photos: From many sources.
Captioning and preparation: Dr. Richard F. Sheil, veteran pilot, 94th Bomb Group, 8th Air Force;
Member, 73rd Bomb Wing Association for his contribution to the website of the 500th Bomb Group Memorial Association.

882nd Other Photos

Capt. Huhta Debriefing Air Crew

Capt. Marmion Debriefing Savage Crew

Carrico & 2 Engines

Carrico & Pride of the Yankees

Col Brannock & Maj Roberts

Cpl. Johnson Doing Nose Art for Z Square 29

Enlisted Men, Informal

Gravel Gertie Z-29 Accident

Intelligence Beach Party

Intelligence Building Construction

Intelligence Section Bldg

Jewish Memorial Service for Roosevelt

Lt. Anderson Debriefing Crew

NCO Club under Construction

Nose Art, Double Exposure, Bettencourt

Nose Artist Cpl. Johnson Doing Pacific Queen

Old Ironsides to Nagoya

Pacific Queen After 5 Missions Maintenance

Saipan Cave

Savage-LaMarche-Holdridge Crew Last Mission

Sgt. Belletete

Slick Dick' from above

Slick Dick' in flight

Surfside Theater and Catholic Chapel