Photos: From many sources.
Captioning and preparation: Dr. Richard F. Sheil, veteran pilot, 94th Bomb Group, 8th Air Force;
Member, 73rd Bomb Wing Association for his contribution to the website of the 500th Bomb Group Memorial Association.

883rd Air Crews

Adams Crew


Ames Crew

Amos Crew

Ashley Crew

Barron Crew

Black Crew

Braden Crew

Charters Crew

Cheney Crew

Clinkscales Crew

Feathers Crew

Gregg Crew

Grosse Crew

Gunnarson Crew

Haley Crew

Hansen Crew

Hoffman Crew

Holmes Crew

Hunter Crew

Irby Crew

Isham Crew

Kangas Crew

Mahoney Crew

McClanahan Crew

McClanahan Crew

Milam Crew

Miller Crew

Moreland Crew

Ryan Crew

Schmidt Crew

Schuffler Crew

Seale Crew

Setterich Crew

Setterich Crew

Setterich Crew

Shuffler Crew

Sichel Crew

Standen Crew

Wareing Crew

White Crew

Whitten Crew