Photos: From many sources.
Captioning and preparation: Dr. Richard F. Sheil, veteran pilot, 94th Bomb Group, 8th Air Force;
Member, 73rd Bomb Wing Association for his contribution to the website of the 500th Bomb Group Memorial Association.

Group Other Photos

330th Serv. Gp. of 73rd Wing

500th Briefing Aug 13, 1945

Capt. Marmion Briefing Crews for Incendiary Attack

Capt. Marmion Debriefing Savage Crew

Coca Cola shipment for the 500th

EM Purple Heart awards

Group Intelligence Bldg

Installation of 1000th Engine

Laundry Day

Lt. O'Mahon(e)y Rotation Processing

Maj Hanson Flagship 500

Maj. Parsons Briefing Crews

Map Major Strikes

Medal Presentation 1945

Medal Presentation Day Honor Guard

Medic Treating Ear Fungus

Medical Staff & Friends

Officers Softball Team

Parsons, Hale,Thompson, Informal

Purple Heart awards Enlisted Men in Group

Purple Heart Hesselbach, Webb, & Quinn

Red Cross Doughnut Truck

S-2 (Intelligence) Section Beach Party

Saipan Runway View from Tower

War is over, 16 August 1945

Kanaka Dancers

Equipment Demo