Photos: From many sources.
Captioning and preparation: Dr. Richard F. Sheil, veteran pilot, 94th Bomb Group, 8th Air Force;
Member, 73rd Bomb Wing Association for his contribution to the website of the 500th Bomb Group Memorial Association.

500th Bomb Group Misc. Photos

3rd Photo Recon Tokyo Mosaic

330th Air Service Group

499th Group Chapel (Protestant)

Bombs for Mission

G.I. Farm on Saipan

Isley Field Operations

Isley Field Operations


Japan Bombing Map

Japanese POWs Stacking Barrels

Japanese POWs Rolling Barrel

Plane Taking Off

Repairing Isley runway

Saipan 500th Revetments

Saipan Air Strip

Surfside Theater & Catholic Chapel

Walker AAB '45

Walker AAB 2011